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How we are different

We ourselves have travelled all the legendary routes, visited 112 countries and understand better than anyone that everyone have their own happiness, experience and emotions in travelling. Someone enjoys top-10 beaches with white sand, surfing and huge waves, someone else would enjoy getting lost in a huge city, living on the rooftop and having a morning run at Bryant Park.

Another person
would go to
Sikkim, Butane
and Himalayas,

or enjoy the sound of engine, endless highways and drive of a real road trip.

We keep all this in mind and try to create the best trip possible to suite your values, ideals and secret desires, if you wish so.

Joining us
in premium
programs you
receive a personal
travel designer,
who would
study all your
preferences and
you realize them.

We strive to reach deep understanding, so that a simple text message is enougheven for a complicated route.

We understand that details
are as important,
as the approach itself
in the final result you receive.

And this is not about transport or accommodation, this is about the content and your surroundings. We pay extra attention to this and put our soul into each route, so that you receive only the best.

About the company

Shine! was created by experienced travelers, who have visited more than several dozen countries, to share their passion for new experiences in travelling and for search of new things our planet has to offer.

After 2 years of development, planning, travelling and discussions the dream of creating new journeys became a reality in in collaboration with world leader in adventure travel. All of this became possible due to a simple but strong desire:

Desire to create authentic journeys that allow acquiring experiences and emotions one wouldn`t in his everyday life. Desire to create such journeys captures and fascinates and is a rare quality of those for whom travelling is a passion.

Now we offer more than 100 guaranteed journeys around the world. These are international groups for travelers from different countries or groups with only Russian speaking travelers. What hasn`t changed is our desire to be sure you have seen the real world and received maximum positive emotions.
«I got the idea of Shine! In Brooklyn while travelling through USA. We launched Shine! In Russia that February being sure that other travelers would understand my desire to receive experiences from every trip, explore and view the world with open eyes while meeting interesting people. We organized several trip for groups of 8-15 people and received mind-blowing feedback. Everyone was more than happy with the trip and some people even called this the trip of their lifetime. »

Oleg Sharpatiy, CEO and founder of Shine!

Почему Shine adventures?

Другой способ путешествовать

Наши путешествия, получившие мировое признание, включают в себя аутентичное размещение и местный транспорт, чтобы вы могли ощутить подлинную атмосферу культовых мест, современных мегаполисов и будоражащей воображение дикой природы.

Приятная компания

Вы всегда можете рассчитывать на приятную компанию ярких и интересных людей в наших международных и русских группах. Кроме того, это будет значительно дешевле, чем ехать самому. Вы получите путешествие всей жизни за часть его полной стоимости и заведете новых друзей.

Международный опыт

Каждый год с нами путешествует больше 100 000 человек по всему миру в международных группах, в которые объединяются путешественники со всего мира, от Австралии до Канады. Свой международный опыт мы также привносим в путешествия в русских группах.

Больше причин путешествовать с Shine!

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